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As a responsible company which cares about the needs of their fellow citizens, recently we have expanded our range of services – taxi for disabled in Podgorica.  This is something completely new in our offer, and we hope that it will succeed, to mutual satisfaction. Unfortunately, this service is very limited in other cities in Montenegro. Currently, we have two specially designed vehicles for transportation of persons with special needs through Podgorica and region. Although all streets in Podgorica (just like the entire city) were built in the last sixty years, people in wheelchairs have great problems in traffic trying to move safely. Only recently, pedestrian crossings and sidewalks starts adapting for moving of disabled persons. Unfortunately, even the buses are not equipped with the ramps for the reception of disabled people, and their safe journey. We are serious about the problems that have people with limited mobility, and we decided to do something. We have two vehicles intended for a transfer of disabled persons in Podgorica, which you can see on the picture below. They fully meet all conditions for safe and comfortable journey.

Transport disabled persons Podgorica Montenegro


They are specially constructed for the reception and transportation of persons in wheelchairs, not only in Podgorica, also everywhere through Montenegro and beyond. If you are coming to our country, and you need a transport from airport of Podgorica and Tivat for disabled people in wheelchair, we are here to help. One vehicle is Renault Espace, and can serve one person in a wheelchair, and four associates. Second one is the minivan, Fiat Ducato, and serves for a taxi rides up to six handicap persons from/to Podgorica, with addition of three normal seats for medical or private escort. At your request, we can carry out any transfer in the Balkans, Podgorica is not necessarily the starting or end point of the trip for disabled passengers – they can travel to Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo or to any other state. This type of service falls into a separate category, and unfortunately there is no fixed price list. Contact us for all necessary information and we can arrange everything.



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