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It is very difficult to say how long we are providing service taxi Podgorica Montenegro. The main reason for this, is that our association is comprised of individuals - private entrepreneurs, taxi drivers, which are in different time periods registered for transportation, taxi from Podgorica airport and services from city area.

The youngest member of our association, by experience, is twelve years taxi driver, and the oldest is with 26 years of experience in transportation costs. The association was founded in 2004th. That year, we registered association, set up our own radio system, organized labor by the firm's charter and raise the level of taxi service in Podgorica on a higher level. By the statute of our organization, we clearly defined our goals in terms of constant development and improvement of taxi services.

In our company, there are certain standards that must be respected, especially in terms of safety (technically correct vehicles, maintained at an authorized service), and comfort (comfortable car with a large trunk).

Also, we maximum pay attention about that, who is a member of our association. In our association there is no taxi drivers who works with a rented taxi documentation, or a rented vehicle. Each driver is a professional, who drives his car, and has his own taxi license. Also standard in terms of uniform code is strictly observed, all of our drivers are uniformed and easily identifiable.

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