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As the closest border crossing, taxi from Podgorica airport to Hani Hotit is quite often transfer request. Ride cost 40 Euros with all taxes included. This checkpoint is one of three between Montenegro and Albania, and it is about 35 kilometers far from Golubovci airport.

Taxi from airport Podgorica to Shkoder, Hani Hotit, Sarande, Tirane and other places in Albania is popular as tourist ride and private trip. As entrepreneurs which are present at the market of transfer service for several decades, we guarantee that you will have a professional and affordable service.

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We can supply passengers which need taxi airport Podgorica to Hani Hotit, Shkoder, Sarande, Vlore etc. with transport by better prices because we are local company, not official airport providers. Also the quality of our fleet is divine. You will travel from Podgorica airport to Shkoder or Hani Hotit in comfortable, safe and clean Mercedes E class or Passat. For larger groups of passengers, we can offer minivans and minibuses.

Use advantage of our service and book online taxi Podgorica airport to Shkoder or Hani Hotit at in advance agreed prices. The agreed price cannot be changed due to aircraft delay or any other unforeseen situation. In the case of a canceled flight you do not pay any compensation.

Transportation from airport Podgorica to Shkoder cost 70 Euros, and to Hani Hotit 40 Euros. These prices are valid through the year, and apply for a car, up to four persons. To book online in advance taxi from airport Podgorica to Shkoder or Hani Hotit you can do it whenever you want. You just need to provide us with basic things - exact arrival information and your name. Once confirmed transfer request is valid until it is provided or canceled.


How to Reserve Transport from Podgorica to Shkoder

You can choose between several booking options to make a reservation. The simplest and perhaps the best choice is the contact form on our site. It's designed very simply, and you just need to enter basic information, name and surname, the email address you want to receive the answer and the arrival information. Taxi transfer from Podgorica airport to Shkoder will be booked once you confirm that you received our email.

Our phone number is available 24 hours. You can make direct phone call and speak with our dispatcher on English and Montenegrin language. Please feel free to ask any information related to your journey. Also you can schedule a ride from airport Podgorica to Hani Hotit or Shkoder by taxi using free applications WhatsApp or Viber. Message or SMS, whatever is easier for you.

When booking, we ask you to pay attention to the number of passengers and the size of the luggage. Standard comfort class of our vehicles can cozy accommodates four traveler with two big and two small suitcases. If you have oversized luggage, please ask for a station wagon car. If there is more than four persons in your party, taxi minivan can provide your transfer from Podgorica to Shkoder or Hani Hotit. Just inform us in advance, because minivan shuttle must be reserved at least one day beforehand. Minivans in our fleet have from 7 to 18 seats. Transport by bus from Podgorica airport to Shkoder in Albania can be booked only with prepayment 50% of agreed price.


Online Booking


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