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Due to desperate public transportation, service taxi from Budva to Tirana airport & city – Albania, is very oft-recurring demand. Especially expressed number of requests for these transfers is during the summer tourist season in Montenegro. From any place at Budva Riviera you can schedule your voyage in our association.

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Taxi from Budva to airport Tirana – Rinas, or to city center is preferable to schedule at least three hours in advance. During this time we will try to ensure the most comfortable car and most experienced driver available at the moment. All our cabs are adapted for long distance traveling, mostly Mercedes or VW Touran & Passat will be at your disposal for transportation from Budva to Tirana airport. This type of the car is the most convenient not just because they are comfy, size of the trunk offer enough space for the luggage.

Fixed price through the year allows you to make reservation even a couple of months in advance. There are no circumstances that can change the pre-agreed price which you will pay on arrival to your address. No any additional surcharge, all travel expenses are included in displayed prices.

Taxi transfer from Budva to airport Tirana cost 180 € per vehicle. Please pay attention that border crossing know to be very busy, and if you need to catch the plane inform us about that. We have chauffeurs familiar with the situation at the border crossing, and they can suggest best departure time. Don’t allow to miss your flight, journey takes at least three hours and thirty minutes.

Taxi from Budva to Tirana city is transport which we are conducting at the price of 200 €. That price also covers all transfer expenses, valid up to four persons in one car, with drop of point to any hotel in Tirana city area. Journey also should be booked and confirmed by our side at least three hours beforehand.


Make your transport from Budva to Tirana as outing

Traveling from Budva in direction of Tirana you must pass through Albanian city Shkoder. From Shkoder to Tirana there is just one way, but two different itineraries can take you to Shkoder. If you want to make your taxi ride from Budva to Tirana more enjoyable, feel free to ask for a sightseeing tour. Depending on your interests, two roads offer a lot to see. You can travel by the shortest road, using border crossing Sukobin / Muriqan, or to go via Podgorica and use check point Bozaj / Hani Hotit.

If you decide to use Sukobin border crossing for your transportation from Budva to Tirana airport, our taxi driver can make wonderful sightseeing tour for you. When you start the journey, road takes you in following directions: Sveti Stefan, Petrovac, Bar and Shkoder. Sveti Stefan is the most exclusive place in the whole Adriatic, and it is really worth to visit. More than two thousand years old olive tree in Bar, together with a visit to old city, will make your transfer from Budva to airport / city Tirana as memorable voyage.

If you want to travel via capital of Montenegro, you'll be able to visit old royal capital Cetinje, or national park Skadar Lake. Cetinje is cultural and historical capital of Montenegro, and its museums simply will fascinate you. Lake Skadar is a natural bird reserve, and boat tour on the lake are very popular. In Podgorica you can see some of the city attractions, Millennium Bridge, Wine cellar Plantaze, Temple of Christ's resurrection etc. Than your trip by taxi started in Budva towards Tirana - Albania, continue to Bozaj / Hani Hotit border crossing, and to Shkoder.

In Shkodra you can visit Fortress Rozafa, which is unavoidable place in all tourist tours to Albania. Albanian city Lezhe is next destination, and monument of Albanian hero Skanderbeg is very popular point of interes in this city. If you are interesting to make your taxi ride from Budva - Montenegro to Tirana in Albania as a great excursion, please contact us with your plan. We will inform you about the price, which depends on itinerary and spent time.


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