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Transportation by minivan at the airport of Podgorica is since recently our taxi branch due to high demand at the market. We gave our best to cover all forms of group transportation in Montenegro, and we are one of the few where you can find also cargo vans in offer. As for ordinary taxi service, basically the same rules are valid for booking and payment. Arrival more passengers together in a group at the airport and their request for transfer is a task to which we are also ready to respond.

Taxi transfer by minivan in Podgorica Montenegro is more airport activity than local service. Actually, according to the law of public transport in Montenegro, it is not allowed to have a minivan as taxi vehicle in Podgorica. They must be registered in the special agency for transport, or to be in use for the needs of travel agencies. In our case, we have specifically registered department which is doing taxi transfer by minivan from/to airport Podgorica, as well as everywhere else in Montenegro and in the region.

Taxi transport by minivan and bus coach from Podgorica airport is the most common need tourist and travel agencies. We also have requests from organizers of seminars, conferences and similar gatherings larger number of people. Also, individual transport passengers from the airport in Podgorica, whose needs cannot meet the passenger car with 4 + 1 seats, we are providing with vans, capacity of 7 to 18 seats. For the special needs of travel agencies, hotels, organizers of sport events, conferences, seminars, please contact us to organize your transport by minivan, minibus up to 35 seats, and bus transfer from the airport of Podgorica. Sometimes, we even have requirements for the transport of oversized baggage. For our cargo minivan are particularly interested cyclists when they land at Podgorica airport and need affordable and cheap taxi to some mountains cycling trails.


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