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Traffic connection of Podgorica with resorts and cities in neighboring countries is not at satisfactory level. Unfortunately, this is an item that tourists often complain about. This especially affects travelers going on a business trips, and their time is limited. Transportation from Montenegro to bigger regional cities is mainly covered by buses, and in direction of Belgrade by train. This mode of transfers is quite unreliable, especially during the summer months, and large traffic crowds. But different categories of travelers decide to take a taxi in Podgorica, to travel to neighboring countries.

Business and Tourist Traveling

Due to the very low price of transportation this service is very acceptable, both to domestic and foreign travelers. Business people which need a transfer from Podgorica to Dubrovnik, Tirana, Pristina, Sarajevo… or other regional center, are usually passengers which will stay for few days, because of meetings, seminars, conferences... Quite often, companies also require Limo service for their clients or company management. All of them can schedule return ride directly with their driver, or to book it through our website. Only companies that have a contract with us have the convenience of paying through the account. Other business users must pay in cash or by credit card traveling to foreign countries. Tourists who use our services, very often organize these trips as a tourist tour.

To book online Podgorica transfer service, you can do it in a few steps, using our simple form on the right side. We require just basic information, your name or company name, precise meeting point and departure time. Second category of travelers which need voyage from Podgorica to abroad, are tourists which want to have an active holiday. They can visit several different destinations on the way to their final drop off point, with a very small surcharge. This kind transfers from Montenegro are usually one day excursions, or active tourists which want to visit and stay in several countries during their vacation. It is very feasible, because starting from the downtown of capital you are in 30 min in Albania, 1 hour 30 min in Bosnia, 2 hours 15 min in Croatia. For tourists, the most popular destinations are Dubrovnik, Shkoder, Mostar, Sarajevo and Tirana. We noticed that in the last couple of years Pristina airport in Kosovo become a frequent tourist drop off point. A large number of low-budget airlines have flights to the airport in Pristina, which is the main reason for that. Also, Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, is often destination of our passengers in international transfers. The city of Ohrid, located in the south of Macedonia, on the shores of Ohrid Lake, is a very popular Macedonian resort. For those who are heading towards Serbia, mountain centers Zlatibor and Kopaonik are the most popular places among all request we receiving.



Online Booking


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