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In this section, we just want to clarify some basic rules related to your journey from Podgorica airport. These rules are identical and compatible with nearly all European countries, and they are valid for all pick-ups.

Pets transportation in taxi vehicles in Montenegro is allowed only if the animals are in cages, designated for their transport. If you require that your pet can travel by taxi with you from airport Podgorica, please notify us in advance about that. We must know that because of size of the trunk or potential allergies of our drivers.

Smoking in the taxis is not allowed. If you are a smoker, please ask your driver to stop the vehicle for a few minutes. Short stops during the voyage are free of charge. Eating and drinking during the ride is permitted only for sandwiches and water or juices. Drinking of alcohol in our cabs is strictly forbidden.

Transportation of alcoholic persons depends on the choice of the driver. If the driver assess that visibly intoxicated persons could in any way compromise the safety of the journey, he is not obliged to provide taxi ride from, no matter if you are in a harry to reach the airport in Podgorica, or any other destination. Excessive number of passengers is also unacceptable. By comfort class vehicles can travel up to four passengers, and by minivans up to 7,8,18 and 22 travelers depending of capacity.

According to huge experience providing airport pick up / drop off service, we suggest to pay attention on following:

Many tourists become surprised when they realized that after arrival to destination, their booked private apartment simply doesn’t exist. Wrong address of accommodation is potential issue. Taxi pick up at Podgorica airport is piece of cake, but drop off can be nightmare. And if you do not have a valid phone number - a catastrophe on the horizon. You just have to be aware of one thing. When your driver reaches the given address, his obligations cease. Every additional engagement you must pay over the agreed price.

If you will be limited by time, please ask us how long will take your transfer to your drop off point. It's best to do it during the booking. This is especially important for business people which are traveling directly to the meeting, and the need to arrive on time.

Problem with the connections for onward traveling is the common issue when passengers themselves calculate how long will take their journey.  Most of them are orientated using the Google map, but that's not exactly the most accurate calculation. In Montenegro there are no highways, all roads are in use for traffic in two directions. Please, if you are limited with the time, ask us for advice. Travel time is different depending on which time of the year you are traveling. We know best if there are works on the road, and how much time will take the ride.

All you really need to order taxi vehicle to wait for you at Podgorica airport is internet access and email address. For some other pick up points, we just require mobile phone number.

Payment by credit card through our website is not possible, and generally travelers are not interested to pay for the service they are using for the first time, by credit card in advance. Payment by credit card in Montenegro can be done directly in the vehicles. After the service is completed, your personal information will not be stored.


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