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If you are in Podgorica for the first time, and you have free time and want to get to know the city, we can help you in that. In our taxi association you can reserve a tourist sightseeing of the sights of Podgorica. Our taxi service Podgorica offers you the possibility of a tourist trip at any time of the day or year. No matter how much free time you have, we can create a tour according to your free time and your wishes. This is a special form of taxi service and our drivers are from Podgorica, so they will certainly help you and carefully answer each of your questions.


Excursions through Podgorica for Any Pocket

If you already have some information about the places or institutions that you want to visit, please tell your driver. You can organize your tourist tour and sightseeing of Podgorica and make a plan and path, and our taxi company is at your disposal whenever you need. Tourist tours with standard taxi vehicles are performed for up to four passengers. This is the maximum number of passengers who can receive a properly registered taxi in Podgorica, and otherwise throughout Montenegro. For organized excursions and sightseeing tours of the city, for a larger number of passengers traveling together in the group, we have available multi-seat vehicles.


Podgorica City Tour


For this purpose we have a van and a minibus vehicle. Also, different categories of van cars allow you to organize your group in the range of seven to eighteen passengers. For larger groups, we have a minibus of up to 36 seats and tourist buses that can accommodate 56 passengers. Group transport must be announced in advance, with exact departure schedule and number of passengers. Also, this type of service must be precisely defined, which sights in Podgorica are intended to be seen by passengers and how much time they want to spend, so that the exact price of the service can be announced in advance.

How to book your excursion. If you are already in Podgorica, please give us your exact address and mobile phone number. A tourist tour through Podgorica with a passenger taxi car can be scheduled even two hours in advance. In this case, any possible route corrections and retention times can be agreed directly with the driver. This service is charged per hour of driving and waiting, if you are not leaving city's territory. The price is fixed and it amounts to ten euros per hour. This price includes local rides together with waiting at the places you want to visit. All taxes are included in the price, as well as parking fees. The reservation is completely free; there is no need to pay in advance. When you finish your excursion and return to the hotel or some other destination in Podgorica, you will be charged directly by taxi driver in cash, according to the time spent in a tourist tour of the city.


Online Booking


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