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If you thought to book online shuttle bus from Airport Podgorica to Budva, Kotor, Sveti Stefan or Podgorica downtown, Bus or Train station, unfortunately you will stay disappointed. There is no this mode of traveling in Montenegro. Transport by shuttle bus from Podgorica airport to Budva or Kotor was never established, unlike the connection with city center and some bigger hotels in the city. Many years ago, during the Yugoslav period, national airlines company JAT had open line from the airport to city center. That was official JAT line which was transporting passengers from and to the airport. With the disappearance of Yugoslavia, this service ceased to exist. A few years ago, a local bus company got a license from the airport, and started transporting passengers to/from the airport. But after a few months they stopped working. On this day, specifically January 2018, we guarantee that it does not exist bus service from airport Podgorica to downtown or Kotor, Ulcinj, Budva, Tivat, Bar, Becici or another city in Montenegro. In fact, reading this text to the end you will understand why you do not need something like that.

What is actually a shuttle transport? It is a transport between point A and point B, in shorter or middle distances, usually up to a maximum of 100 kilometers, or until the one hour of driving. Due to bad roads, and mountain terrain in Montenegro, it is simple impossible that bus can past 100 kilometers in one hour. Even it is impossible for small cars. Shuttle transfer should be an express service by bus, organized to collect travelers immediately after they exit from airport building and transport them to couple of main points, usually in the downtown. Why we are writing this article? Because we are in constant communication with our esteemed clients who before booking a taxi from Podgorica airport, tried to find organized bus transportation. They were very surprised that it does not exist, but eventually they understood why. Many passengers simply are avoiding using cabs when traveling for private purposes. But when they hear that the price of transportation by taxi using our company, from the airport to any destination in Podgorica is only ten euros for up to four persons, they do not even think about the bus.

 It is most likely that passengers per default think that there is a taxi gathering everywhere, and even in Montenegro, and the first thing that comes to their mind is to Google how to find organized group transportation. But we said that really you don't need shuttle bus Podgorica airport to Budva, Becici, Kotor, Petrovac or other coastal resort. If you open and check taxi prices in Podgorica you will see that you can travel to Budva in just 40 Euros with all taxes. And of course, that it is a final price valid per entire cab. After you meet the driver at the agreed point, in about the one hour you can be in your apartment in Budva. If you still want to travel by bus, just to inform you that you must book taxi at least to reach Podgorica bus station. Than you can continue traveling to Budva by bus, according to scheduled bus departures.


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