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For all travelers which are already in Podgorica, and they need a ride to visit a suburb of Podgorica, except the taxi, journey by bus is the only choice. Public transport in Podgorica is done only by buses, 12 city and 16 suburban lines. There is no metro or tram, diameter of urban area is about 7-8 kilometers. Bus transport is privately owned by two companies from Podgorica, which are together organizing and sharing the total number of lines. Unfortunately, city bus operators in Montenegro are left to themselves, and they have very little or no assistance from the state. In almost all European countries, public urban transport is unprofitable, and state donations are needed. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Montenegro. As we have said, owners of bus companies almost do not have any help from the state. This is the main reason why the buses are in a very bad condition, and very often they are inoperative.


How to Travel by Local Buses in Podgorica

For your transfers by buses, you must know where are the local bus stops. It is simply impossible to stop the bus out of marked points, intended to accommodate passengers. Outside the urban part of the city, they are often quite unmarked, and it is not easy to recognize them. In Podgorica they are marked on the streets by yellow bus sign, and there are the small covered waiting rooms at the sidewalks. If you find a board with departure and arrival times, do not pay much attention to it. Buses departs from the initial stations at an interval of 15-30 minutes, on working days. During the weekend and public holidays there is a special regime of driving, which is quite often unknown even to the citizens of Podgorica.

Local Transport Podgorica

To take a cheap taxi in downtown of Podgorica to go to the settlements (Zabjelo, Stari Aerodrom, Tolosi, Masline, Zagoric etc.) you will not pay more than 2-3 euros for the ride. Return trips are at the same price. Arrival at the address is not extra charged. There are more than fifteen local taxi companies in Podgorica, and their stands are all over the city area. But if you are in one of the suburbs outside the city, you must call some of the local phone numbers. Please note that a prefix is required if you do not have a Montenegrin SIM card. To reach your destination by bus, sometimes you need to change two lines. Bus ticket cost 0.70 Euro, and you are buying the ticket in the bus. Also, one note. You can pay your trip exclusively in cash, and the currency in Montenegro is Euro. It is not possible to pay a journey by credit card if you have a plan to use local buses. You can use a credit card only at central bus station, but for traveling to other cities. Ticket is valid just for one ride. Local taxi service in Podgorica is the cheapest in Montenegro, and buses are not so popular mode of transport.


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