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Montenegro is small country which borders with five other countries. Taxi transfers from Podgorica airport to Albania, Croatia, Bosnia or Kosovo is part of our activity. Airports in Montenegro are an excellent alternative arrival point for travelers whose destination is some of our neighboring countries. Both airports have over 80 flights a day during the tourist season. Low-cost companies like Ryanair, Wizz Air, EasyJet, constantly increase the number of flights to Montenegro. Using these airline companies’ large number of passengers are transiting through Montenegro, and their final destination is in some of the countries in the region.

To book online transportation to Croatia, Albania, Kosovo is common need of tourists, as well as business people. To present clearer picture, we will specify distances for airport transfers from Podgorica to some border crossings; Hani i Hotit / Bozaj (AL) 35 km, Sukobin / Muriqan (AL) 85 km, Ilino Brdo / Klobuk (BiH) 105 km, Debeli Brijeg / Karasovici (CRO) 125 km. These are border crossings that are most often used during the trips from Podgorica to neighboring countries. For passengers which want to continue their journey from Podgorica airport to some destination abroad, we are an excellent choice. Using our service, you can be sure that on your request for transport we will send fully licensed driver and comfortable vehicle.

Border between Montenegro and Croatia is the shortest, just 23 km. If you want to travel directly from Montenegro to Croatia, you must cross the border crossing Debeli Brijeg - Karasovici. Going from the airport by this itinerary you will pass through following cities: Petrovac, Budva, Tivat and Herceg Novi. Passengers which need a ride to Croatia can also travel via Bosnia, what is more reasonable in summer months. Choosing this route, you will travel via Podgorica city, Niksic and Trebinje.

Traveling to Albania, Hani Hotit / Bozaj border crossing is more economical than Sukobin / Muriqan in Ulcinj municipality. Bozaj check point is about 35 kilometers from the airport, and upon landing you will be at the border in 30 minutes. First major city in Albania is Shkoder, and you can reach it in one hour. Business people are usually the most connected with Tirana, port of Durres, Saranda, Himara, Vlora.

If you have a need for a ride from airport Podgorica to Kosovo there is just one border crossing – Kula. It is located in the municipality of Rožaje, high in the mountains, at an altitude of about 1,500 meters. During the winter months heavy snowfall makes traffic difficult, and this road even can be closed. Cities on this route are: Podgorica, Kolasin, Mojkovac, Berane and Rozaje. If you are traveling to the south of Kosovo, it is better to use Albanian highway. Passenger transport from airport Podgorica to Pristina, Prizren, Ferizaj via Albanian cities Shkoder, Milot and Kukes is the most economical.

For trips in direction of Bosnia there are three border crossings. Provide us with your destination in Bosnia and our representatives will suggest the best route. This is very important especially during the winter, some border crossings can be closed due to heavy snow.

Taxi rides towards Serbia with starting point of airport Podgorica are not so often. Check point Dobrakovo is distanced about 155 kilometers, and travel time is roughly 2 hours 30 minutes. First major city in Serbia is Prijepolje, and road leads further in direction of Belgrade.


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