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The Podgorica airport is located south of Podgorica and is about 12 kilometers from the city center. Like all other modern airports, Podgorica airport also has all the necessary facilities that make it easier for passengers to travel. Regardless of whether you have just landed, or are planning to travel, you can perform some basic service activities at the airport.

The airport info desk is located in the middle of the central hall, and the friendly staff will professionally answer all your questions, and provide you with all the necessary information regarding your flight. The working time of the info desk is the same as the airport's working hours; from the first to the last flight. There is always someone to provide you with service information about all flights from the airport Podgorica. Their official telephone number you can call at any time during working hours is +382 20 444 244.

The nightmare of all passengers is the fear of lost luggage, but this also happens, especially if you have changed several flights before you landed at Podgorica airport. Depending on which airport your luggage has left, he will arrive in the first following flight. Delivery of lost luggage is not within the jurisdiction of the airport, but the airline company you are flying with is worried about it.

In the central hall you also have a couple of small shops where you can buy sweets or some kind of drink, or some of the authentic Montenegrin souvenirs. Shops are located on the left and right side of the airport building and they are easily visible. Unfortunately, at the airport there is no bank or post office, and this is one of the handicaps in service. A large number of tourists would like to change money or send a postcard from Montenegro, but you must do it in one of the cities before arriving at the airport. At the airport there is only one ATM, and if you have just landed, when you pass passport and customs control and go to the central hall, the ATM is in the corner on your left side.

All airlines that transport passengers from / to Podgorica airport have their own representative offices at the airport. Starting from the domestic operator Montenegro Airlines, you can find representatives of the following companies at the airport hall: Air Serbia, Austrian Airlines, Adria Airways, Alitalia, Ryanair, WizzAir, Turkish Airlines and others. All these operators together in 2017 will transport in total of over two million passengers through two Montenegrin airports. Very impressive number of visitors for a country that has only 600,000 inhabitants, right?

If you rent a car in one of the major agencies, you will surely find their office at the airport. Offices of rentals agencies are also located in the airport hall, to the left and to the right of the main door. The office hours are not always fixed, but if you have reserved a vehicle, someone will wait for you. If your agency does not have a representative office at the airport, your agent will be waiting with your name.

The official taxi carrier at Podgorica airport is located to the left of the exit door. There's a taxi station there, but mostly there are a couple of cars in front of the building, ready to pick up the clients. Inside the building you also have official representatives of the airport taxi service Podgorica where you can arrange a ride with a dispatcher. If you want to pay a transfer with a credit card, you must do it in advance, with a taxi dispatcher inside the building.


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