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The main and basic forms of transport in one city or country are very easy to find. Under the basic modes of transport, we mean transport by taxi, bus, train, by plane or by boat or ferry. These forms of transport are clearly visible and easy to reach. Taxi in Podgorica can be stopped on the street, or you can sit in the first taxi on the stand at Podgorica airport. Also, every citizen will very easily tell you where the bus or train station is, and show you direction. The same situation is with towns that have a harbor and passenger traffic is established by boat. Almost every citizen of a city will show you where the port is and tell you to which destinations you can travel by boat. But how and where you can schedule and get the luxury limousine transport, it's already a bit harder to find in a city.

Transfers using limo service in Podgorica as a basic activity of an enterprise does not exist, but certainly you can get this type of service in several different places. These are mostly secondary activities of travel and tourist agencies, rent a car agency, or transportation in the offer of a luxury five-star hotel. We can offer you transfers in Podgorica by luxury Mercedes S-class throughout the year. We have the latest model of Mercedes S-Class with the highest level of equipment, which will surely give you maximum comfort and safety. What are the conditions for you to get this form of transportation? How to get a high-class Podgorica limo service in Montenegro?

First and foremost, you cannot rent a vehicle like this in your own personal use. This service is provided exclusively with the driver who is available to you for the agreed time and agreed destinations. This is the rule of all agencies and owners of limo cars, primarily due to the high value of vehicles, which often exceeds the amount of 100,000 Euros. How we are charging this kind of service. Luxury transportation in Montenegro is charged per hour or day, depending on how long you want to have a car with a professional driver available. Also, miles traveled affect the price of the service. If you only want to travel from one destination to another, without returning or waiting, of course, that's possible. Single rides and one-way transportation from the airport by Podgorica Limo service are welcome to be scheduled at any time.

When and how to make reservation? It is advisable to reserve your luxury service in advance, and how much time in advance it depends on the part of year. During the summer tourist season, it is advisable to do it at least a couple of days in advance, and during the winter it is enough 24 hours beforehand. You can contact us via our reservation form on the website or call +382 67 246 109. Please, in your request, clearly and accurately indicate all the transfer information. Only on that way we will be able to tell you the exact cost of the transfer. Transportation by taxi vehicles in Podgorica is charged always when a ride is finished, but that is not a case with limo service. To make and confirm your reservation you are obliged to pay fee of 50% of agreed amount. You can do it on two ways, via invoice or by credit card. Reservation via invoice must be paid at least seven days in advance, that is a usual time needed to receive the money. For limo transportation service in Podgorica, or from the airport, reservation fee by credit card can be provided 24 working hours in advance.


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